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We're Barn Owl Maple, father and son sugarmakers from Vermont bringing small batch single source maple syrup right to your kitchen, warehouse or production space


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Sugar from Trees

Maple syrup has been used in North America for centuries, long before it was possible to extract sugar from sugar cane or beets. Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it remains one of the most natural and healthy forms of sugar. Nearly all the work is done inside the tree, leaving farmers only the job of boiling down the sap. Nothing is added and only water is removed.

This makes maple syrup a great choice for any food that needs a little sweetness, not just pancakes and waffles. It can stand in for beet sugar in any recipe while treating your customers to a local carbon-negative form of sugar with a taste that can't be beat by industrial producers

Barn Owl maple syrup is always sourced from the most talented small Vermont sugarmakers and is never mixed or blended, giving your business access to local small scale agriculture that can't be found anywhere else

Father & Son Forest Farmers

Barn Owl is a maple syrup farm in Southern Vermont run by father and son team, Mark and Cameron Hastings. Mark has spent much of his life around food, first by working in restaurants and later as a private traveling chef and restaurant owner himself. The team splits their time between the farm and Brooklyn, making syrup at the maple orchard in the country and delivering it directly to restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and bakeries throughout New York City 

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Farm to Kitchen

Many of our customers are chef owned restaurants that were buying from other sugarmakers until we introduced them to our maple syrup. Unlike most of our competitors, who blend syrup from dozens of farms, all of our syrup is boiled and bottled by hand and each jug is filled from the contents of a single barrel, ensuring the flavor of an individual forest always comes through

Taste matters to us and we know it does to your business too. That's why we hand select each barrel we buy from small southern Vermont farmers based on rigorous taste and quality standards. We only accept maple with exceptional flavor that matches or exceeds what we produce ourselves. Our own century old forest farm sits atop the ancient Waite River limestone formation, giving our maple trees ideal soil conditions to produce our best in class maple syrup


Some of Our Customers



Our Brands

Maple syrup farms are found rather than planted, so each sugarbush is limited in size by what trees have grown naturally in the past century. Because of this constraint, demand for our product has outstripped our ability to produce more syrup, so we now buy syrup from other sugarmakers in order to grow our business. Our Barn Owl brand comes from other small Vermont maple farms as well as our own farm, whereas our Black Bear brand is exclusively from our own farm in Guilford, Vermont


Black Bear Sugarworks

Black Bear is our retail brand of syrup that comes exclusively from our own sugarbush in Guilford, Vermont and is all boiled and bottled by hand by our family. Our family's syrup is sold in retail location throughout the Northeast in glass bottles ranging from 250 ml to one gallon jugs

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Barn Owl Maple

Barn Owl is our wholesale brand of syrup that we source from the most talented sugarmakers in the state of Vermont, including our own farm. Most farms we partner with are small family operations that do not have their own labels and make their living by pursuing their passion of making maple syrup. All the syrup we buy meets or exceeds our own quality and flavor standards and is made in top notch facilities under exacting standards. This syrup is sold in sizes ranging from one gallon jugs to 40 gallon barrels to 220 gallon totes